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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


In one of my previous blogs you saw our friend Antonio Aragon with his pinky finger injured by a rubber bullet. Well he graced us with a visit at LA PRENSA and was nice enough to pose for us with his arm in a splint. After all the jokes about him not being able to drink tea properly any more, and how he cried like a baby in front of the camera, were over he told us that his pinky was broken in two places and he lost some skin around it. He might need a skin graft. His other finger needed three extra stitches. He has a bad bruise on the palm of his hand from a second plastic bullet that hit him at the same time. Apart form that he is in good spirits and will be returning to Spain in a couple of weeks.

Sometimes in this job when you "take" pictures, the pictures"take" something back. Luckily it was nothing major and we all could laugh about it.

Antonio with his arm in a splint. Foto LA PRENSA/Moises Matute - Copyright LA PRENSA/Moises Matute



Me alegro no haya sido nada grave,cuando te vea por Santander nos tomamos algo y me cuentas,un saludo

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