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Saturday, January 13, 2007

The second act of our leftist party left me with these two jewels. What impression did I get form them? Well Daniel Ortega we know, he is a pragmatist or an oppurtunist. Hugo Chavez is blow hard with wads of money to spend and Evo Morales is the real deal. Of the three, Evo, the only true beleiver probably will not last. That's just my guess.

Latin America is turning to the the promises of the left. After years of getting reamed by the rght wing and neoliberal governments they have had it. There has been economic growth. That is their only claim. But cronyism, currpution, and incompetence has been rampant in an epic scale. The wave of demcoracy that swept Latin America in the 90's is failing because our governments have failed us, and we have failed to make them acountable. To paraphrase Shakespeare "The blame is not in the stars but in ourselves."

At least these new leftist governments will spend more money on the dispossed which are the great majority in Latin America and we hope that instead of stealing the money they will at least spend it wisely.

here are the pics.

The two revolutionary commanders salute themselves. Photo Tomas Stargardter copyright Tomas Stargardter

Revolutionary Chic! Daniel Ortega drives Hugo Chavez around Managua in his Mercedes Benz SUV with expired licence plates... Photo Tomas Stargardter Photo Tomas Stargardter copyright Tomas Stargardter


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