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Thursday, September 24, 2009

My buddy Oswaldo Rivas (reuters) about to get his head bashed in by a Honduran policeman during yesterdays riots in Tegucigalpa. Oswaldo identified himself to the officer and after a short discussion he was left alone. AFP PHOTO/ Jose CABEZAS



Blogger Elbert said...

Hi there. I was doing a random search in Photojournalism and i found your page. You shoot the subject well, no question about that. So I'd like to ask if what's the camera you are using?

Im a member in a Campus Press. A writer and a photojournalist. And I'd like to ask permission to download some of your pictures because I am going to show it to the young students who practices photojournalism. I'd make it as an excellent example so to give them an idea how and what is the right way to take a picture.

There are no reasons for me to publish the pictures so don't worry about copyrights and anything. It is plainly for the workshop.

Hope for your kind response. Best of luck!

7:29 PM  
Blogger Tomas Stargardter said...

Elberto NO problem. USe what you need. Just remember to credit it.

good luck


1:27 PM  

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