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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Protest in Managua begin to loose steam for lack of leadership from the candidates

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Tuesday's protest on the Masaya Highway

Here it is!
The Environmental Photographer of the Year Yearbook!

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Opposition protest takes over the Panamerican Highway.
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The highway is blocked

The Orteguistas come in with their usual response.

This one was from Sebaco the day before. Sandinista celebrating in Sebaco. Still it was a fun pic to see.

Riot Police stand by as both sides prepare to clash.

The Rejudin guys are the ones with any kind of backbone. When they arrived they stiffened the protest and the old geezer politicos just broke tail and ran.

This kid was telling one of the old politicians to go f@#$k himself, since they already had there chance and blew it.

New kids on the bloc

Fabio Gadea showed up for a few minutes, but he sure does not know how to handle the press.

A quiet moment before the mailstorm of press people engulfed him

Daniel cabeza de Chancho!

It was shadow day.

Riot police where forced to leave the immediate area where the protest took place.

"No al fraude!"

It was the Orteguistas who cleared the highway. Riot police just watched and then walked in when all was clear.

"It smells like teen spirit." Llanta quemada.

In the beginning it was the women who showed more guts than the men.

More video to come later

Monday, November 07, 2011

Nicaraguan elections in Matagalpa

Nicaraguan elections in Matagalpa